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Water damage restoration Jacksonville – water damage needs to be addressed within 24 to 48 hours to reduce chances of mold growth. Not to mention the damage water does to the property and belongings if left sitting on the property. Get emergency help today from local companies near you in Jacksonville. They will stop further damage and ensure your home is dried completely and your belongings restored.

Mold remediation Jacksonville – do not let a mold problem fester because it appears small to your eye. Behind the scenes, there could be very large colonies doing unequivocal damage to your property and your health. It is essential that you reach out to a professional quickly if you see sings of mold on your property. The longer you wait the bigger the damage will be. Waiting long also means you will spend more in the repairs. Do not wait. Get the help you need today to get rid of mold from your property completely.

Fire damage restoration Jacksonville – you do not have to navigate fire damage restoration on your own. You need a caring and experienced company to help restore your property to original conditions, if not better. Our companies are experienced in offering fire damage restoration services with many successful projects finished before. They respond quickly to mitigate damage by water and soot left after the fire has been contained. They also mitigate damage and loss by securing the building. Get a professional today.

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Mold Remediation Jacksonville FL

The United States Environmental Protection Agency offers tips on mold cleanup for mold that is less than 10 square feet. If you have a visible mold invasion that is more than 10 square feet, then you should not attempt mold cleanup on your own. Further, if the mold damage is extensive or you have black mold, then you need professional mold remediation Jacksonville FL.

When to call professionals for mold Remediation Jacksonville FL

Further, the EPA recommends that you call in professional mold remediation services if;

  • If you have a mold invasion that is more than 10 square feet (3 feet by 3 feet area) – if you spot large patches of mold, it is an indication of extensive colonies which might be out of sight. Large mold patches are also an indication of great damage requiring substantial repairs. It is best to seek expert mold remediation Jacksonville Florida.
  • If there has been water damage on your property – water damage should be professionally addressed to ensure proper drying. If drying is not done properly, and the cause of water damage addressed then you will have a recurring mold problem.
  • If you suspect your HVAC system is attacked by mold – If you spot mold on your HVAC system, call in the professionals immediately. Continuing to use the system will spread mold throughout the house or building.
  • If the mold problem was caused by contaminated water – if you had water damage caused by contaminated water or a mold problem due to contaminated water, then you need the services of a professional immediately. Professionals will sanitize the area and decontaminate it to ensure your safety and health.
  • If you have health concerns – exposure to mold is known to aggravate some health issues like respiratory tract problems, asthma, bronchitis, skin irritations and allergies. Exposure to mold also poses many health concerns to people with low immunity. Please stay safe and call in the professionals.

Tips for cleaning mold on your own

If you have identified a mold patch smaller than 10 sq feet and you suspect the mold invasion in your home is not that extensive, then you can carry out a DIY mold cleanup on your own. Here is how to do it;

  • Identify the source of moisture and stop it. It could be a leaking pipe, a burst pipe, leaking appliance, leaking roof, leaking faucet, or poor ventilation. Ensure that the source of excess moisture in the house has been taken care of beforehand so that the mold problem doesn’t recur.
  • Clean the visible mold – using bleach or fungicides and a brush, scrub the mold off the hard surfaces and rinse with water. Dry the area completely to deny mold the excess moisture it needs to grow. If your mold was on porous surfaces such as ceiling, carpets, wood and others then this method cannot work. Mold hides deep in the holes of porous surfaces requiring either professional treatment or replacement.

If you choose to remove mold on your own, then you should make sure that it is only on hard surfaces like concrete. Mold causes discoloration to surfaces which might require repainting after the cleaning process. If mold destroys items with sentimental value like art and documents, you might not be able to restore them. Seek the services of a professional with expertise on content restoration to help you salvage most of your items.

Professional mold remediation Jacksonville FL

If you want to maintain the sturdiness of your building and hence value, then it is imperative that you engage a professional in mold remediation. There are many companies in Jacksonville offering mold remediation services to people in need. Whether you suspect you have a mold invasion or you can actually see the mold, it is best that you engage professionals.

The best thing about finding a professional is that the mold problem is taken care of completely. They will start by finding the source encouraging moisture in your house and taking care of it. They will then isolate the area using barriers and negative air pressure to reduce chances of the mold spores spreading through your property.

Professional mold remediation Jacksonville FL also involves checking the air quality after the remediation process to ensure the levels of mold left are safe. It is impossible to attain zero mold spores in the air, but when left at safe levels then your health is not put at risk. When you do mold remediation yourself you might not have the expertise or equipment to determine the mold spores level left.

Professionals will also help you with content restoration. Any of your belongings that have been affected by mold will be inspected to see whether they fixable. If they are, they will be fixed to reduce your losses. If not, then they will have to be replaced with new ones.

Finally, all parts of the house or structure that have been removed or damaged by mold will be replaced. This is the process that ensures your property maintains value since it is not damaged. Repainting and retiling is also done ensuring the property is looking the best. Professionals work according to set safety standards and codes.

Choosing a mold remediation company

Expert Jacksonville mold remediation is involving and should be done effectively to ensure your health and integrity of your structure. It is essential therefore that you choose a company that knows what they are doing. We understand the need for urgency when involving a professional but do not just settle for the first company you come across. There are important factors you need to consider first before you can commit to give any company the project.

The factors to consider include; licensing, insurance, certifications, charges and experience. We have done the hard work for you and vetted companies offering mold remediation services in Jacksonville. We have made sure they are certified by IICRC, they operate to their standards and EPA regulations. Plus, they are licensed and insured so no liability will befall you in case of any eventualities.

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