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Mold is not always visible. It likes to hide in dark and damp areas. You will also find mold growing in small cracks and other spaces that are hard to see or reach. A professional mold inspection Jacksonville FL might be the only way to properly identify how much of a mold problem you have. Most homeowners gauge the mold invasion with the patches they can see only to find out when it is too late the colonies of mold hiding out of sight.

In such a scenario, the property owner experiences a massive loss because of the extensive damage. The occupants of the property might also suffer health problems including asthma, allergies and respiratory tract problems. It is dangerous to ignore a mold problem or assume it is just a minor cosmetic problem that you can wash away.

The importance of mold inspection

The danger of mold on a property is usually two fold; First, mold attacks the organic building materials and other items in the house causing rotting and decay. If left to go on for long, this damage affects the integrity of the structure and affects value of your property. Mold also causes damage to your household items like carpets, furniture, clothes and others. Secondly, mold growth exposes your family to health risks.

Getting rid of mold effectively is therefore important and it all starts with an expert mold inspection Jacksonville FL. Having an expert inspect and examine your mold problem is important because of the following reasons;

  • Proper identification of the mold problem – not all mold will be visible. Experts carry advanced technologies that help them detect all out of sight areas with a mold infestation on your property.
  • Early detection of a mold problem – with professional inspections, you are able to identify a mold problem early. This reduces damage to your structure and exposure to your family.
  • Removal and remediation plan – through inspection, the professional is able to determine the extent of damage done by the mold. They are also able to identify the type of mold on your property and come up with the right plan to completely get rid of the mold.
  • Source identification – you cannot fight mold effectively without properly identifying the source that is fueling mold growth. Usually, mold growth is encouraged by excess moisture. Inspectors therefore carefully seek the source of excess moisture so they can fix it to handle the mold problem.
  • Cost estimate – After coming up with a plan, an inspector is able to determine how much the services will cost. The estimate should be fair and guided by industry standards.
  • Reporting – a mold inspection report is an important document especially during a real estate transaction. It is the proof that you do not have a mold problem. Besides, if you do have a mold problem, the findings on the extent of the problem and recommendations are given in the report.

Mold testing

The mold inspection process may involve mold testing. Mold testing is done to determine the type of mold you have and the level. It is done using two techniques; air sampling and mold sampling. In air sampling, the air in your house is tested using specialized air testers that tell the level of mold in the air. The mold spores in the air may also be studied under a microscope to determine the type of mold infesting your property. In mold sampling, a sample of the mold is taken to a lab to determine the type of mold present.

Mold testing Jacksonville FL is done as part of mold inspection or it can be done as a standalone service. Usually, the type of mold available will be easily recognizable to the professionals hence no need to go on with mold testing. But if you have a strain they are unable to identify, mold testing is done.

The best thing about a mold inspection Jacksonville FL is that it doesn’t have to be done only when you spot signs of mold or when there is a full blown mold attack on your property. You can schedule for regular mold inspection as a property maintenance routine. This will enable you to catch mold problems early and have them taken care of before extensive damage has been done.

Professional mold inspection is important if you are going to take care of mold problems effectively on your property. Find a company that knows how to conduct mold inspection and testing. They should be familiar with new technologies used in the process and have the expertise to do it. It is best that their mold inspectors be certified.

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