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Mold cleanup and removal is best left to professionals because of the health risks involved and continued damage to your property. If you have less than 10 square feet of damage, it might be possible for you to cleanup mold on your own successfully. But, it is important to note that the visible mold may not be the only mold damage you have. It is recommended that you seek professional mold removal Jacksonville to ensure proper removal.

If you suspect that you have bigger mold colonies hiding out of sight, chances are you are right. Mold is often hides in cracks, between walls, on attics, in basements and other dark, damp and hard to reach areas on your property. Therefore, what you see may not be the only mold present. When you engage an expert, they start by inspecting the property to determine all areas where mold is present.

Experts also check the hard to reach areas with specialized equipment like infrared cameras and moisture meters to determine whether you have mold hiding behind surfaces and walls. With a professional Jacksonville mold removal service, the mold problem will be taken care of completely.

Unlike cosmetic problems that can easily be covered up, a mold problem needs effective and complete removal for you to save your property. If you only cleanup the visible mold on the surfaces, you risk leaving other colonies behind which could be causing extensive damage to your property. Also, you risking spreading the mold further during the process.

Exposure to mold also exposes you and your family members or occupants of the building to health risks. Mold growth is therefore more than just a cosmetic issue. You cannot cover mold by painting over it or trying other cosmetic fixes. When mold attacks your property, you need a lot more that a cosmetic fix and it all starts with proper mold removal Jacksonville.

Choosing the right mold removal service in Jacksonville

Mold removal is more than just scrubbing a surface with bleach and rinsing with water. This quick fix is only suitable for hard and smooth surfaces like concrete. On porous organic surfaces, mold removal is more demanding and requires a meticulous approach. It is best left to the professionals.

Professionals have specialized skills and knowledge of how to get rid of mold completely on all types of surfaces. They also know which items are beyond saving and which ones can be saved. They possess special skills that enable them to save your precious items like art, electronics and other sensitive items. Consider working with a professional that is highly trained and certified.

Professional mold removal goes way beyond just removing the mold you can see. Parts of the structure that are affected are demolished to remove the mold and take care of the source fueling the mold problem. When choosing a professional to work with therefore it is important to consider a professional that has experience with mold removal and restoration.

Mold removal is a sensitive and controlled process. The workers need to be protected and only work while wearing protective equipment and clothing including respiratory masks, gloves, overalls, and so much more. There might also be demolitions and reconstruction needed after the removal. There is a lot that could happen through this process that might cause liabilities to you. It is imperative therefore that you choose a company that has workers’ insurance.

Reputation of the company is also key. Check online reviews to see how well they have fared in other projects. Through the reviews you will learn whether they are effective and if they use EPA approved methods. You will also easily tell whether they have the right equipment needed for the job.

Free consultations and inspections

The only way to cut through the noise and land the right Jacksonville mold removal service is by asking for a free consultation and inspection. There are many companies online masquerading to be professionals only to demand some payment from you and run. Others ask for payments before they begin the work and do a shoddy job not worth a cent.

Professionals on the other hand take a different approach. They start with a free consultation and inspection of the property. During the inspection, they check whether you have a mold infestation, the extent of the damage, the type of mold and the cause. This helps them to come up with a plan on mold removal and remediation which is what drives the estimate.

Be wary of a company that rushes to give you an estimate before consultations and inspections. They might end up overcharging you. If they make a mistake and undercharge you then you don’t expect that any worthwhile job will be done. It is best to work with a company that believes in fair industry standard pricing.

Mold removal process

The mold removal process entails the following;

  • Mold inspection – the inspector examines your property for a mold infestation, determines the extent of damage and source of moisture.
  • Source eradication – the next step entails taking fixing the source of excess moisture on your property.
  • Removing the mold – surfaces will be cleaned and infested materials will be removed from the property. Proper drying is ensured on all surfaces that have been cleaned.
  • Testing – the air quality is retested to ensure safe mold levels.
  • Reconstruction and repairs – any damaged parts and areas are reconstructed and left in pre-damaged conditions.
  • Content restoration – your items that may have been affected by mold will be properly restored before putting them back into the property.

Remember that anything beyond 10 square feet, if there is black mold or extensive damage is for the professionals to handle. It is the only way for you to save your property and reduce potential health risks.

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