Water Damage Restoration Jacksonville FL

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Water damage occurs when water intrudes and causes damage to the interior of your home and your household items. There are many causes of water damage in Jacksonville including leaking roofs, floods, burst pipes, leaking pipes, damaged appliances, toilet backflow and so much more. When water damage happens you need water damage restoration Jacksonville FL to fix the source of the problem and repair the damages done.

Water damage is categorized into three depending on the type of water causing the damage. The first category is caused by clean water from broken supply pipes, bathtubs, sinks and leaking dishwashers. The second category is caused by grey water. This is contaminated water like sump pump backups, toilet water and washing machines. The third category is damage caused by black water which includes sewage and flood water.

Not all water damage is handled the same. However, even mild cases of water damage will develop into complex and more serious cases if they are left unattended to or not handled properly. A professional will first inspect the damage and understand the source of water before coming up with a plan for water extraction and restoration. The more work required during the restoration process, the more you will pay for the services rendered.

Why you need a water damage restoration company

Water damage is time sensitive process. Once there is water flooded on your property, a leak or a burst pipe, the clock starts ticking. The sooner water extraction, cleaning and drying of the area is done, the lower the risk of mold growth and property damage. The response to water damage should therefore be swift and mostly immediate. A professional team will respond immediately and use equipment and expertise at their disposal to get the work done in no time.

As time goes by, clean water turns into grey or black water because of contaminants. In 24 to 48 hours there will be mold and other contaminants in the water. Removal of contaminated water should only be done by professionals with the knowhow and equipment to do it safely. Sometimes, the water intrusion is by black or grey water like sewage or flood water. In such a case call the professionals immediately.

Water extraction is a daunting task especially because you lack the proper equipment to do it effectively. Besides, it can also be very dangerous if black water is involved. Not to mention that water removal is only the first thing you have to do. You also need to ensure proper drying of all affected areas and items. Again without the right equipment, this is difficult to achieve.

When water extraction and drying are done ineffectively any other efforts will be in vain because the mold will grow and continue to cause damage. You will also be at risk of health problems like bronchitis, coughing, asthma and allergies. When professionals work on your water damage they ensure that every step is done to the very best results to ensure total eradication of the mold and reduce chances of recurrence.

Imagine having to deal with a mold problem every now and then? It can be quite tiring and overwhelming. This is what happens when water damage restoration Jacksonville FL isn’t done right. When you engage professionals they find the source of water damage and fix meaning that the mold problem is also automatically taken care of.

How does the water damage restoration process work?

Professional water damage restoration Jacksonville FL is guided by standards set by organizations like the IICRC, EPA and other organizations. It is essential therefore that you find a company that works to certain standards. When you know the standards and guidelines they use then you can be able to hold them accountable when something is not done right. Here is what you should expect;

Detailed inspection – the water damage restoration process starts with a detailed inspection of the damage. A water damage restoration company should not just show up and start working on the damage without inspection, a plan and an estimate for you.

Fixing the source – if the water is not from a natural source, then the problem needs to be found and properly fixed. Professionals use moisture meters and infrared cameras to identify silent or slow leaks hidden out of sight.

Water extraction – water extraction is done quickly using truck mounted vacuums, industrial grade vacuums and other items. If the water is contaminated, extra caution and containment measures are taken.

Drying – complete drying of the affected area is essential in order to ensure mold growth doesn’t occur later on. Here proper ventilation is ensured while fans and dehumidifiers are used to accelerate the drying process.

Reconstruction and repairs – afterwards, reconstruction and repairs of all affected areas is done. Base boards, walls, ceilings, roof and other parts of the house are repaired. If they are not repairable or if the repair is too expensive then they are reconstructed anew.

As you can see, water damage restoration Jacksonville Florida is a demanding process that requires use of expertise and specialized equipment to do properly. Do not attempt to do water damage restoration on your own unless you are sure you do it like the professionals. Without achieving the set standards, you are setting yourself up for more expensive repairs in the future and probable illnesses.

Call in the professionals

Water damage is not to be overlooked. You will be amazed at how much damage a few inches of clean water can cause if left sitting there for over a day. Water not only damages your property, but also your health when mold growth occurs. Water can contain dangerous toxins putting your health at risk. Not to mention that even clean water becomes contaminated when left sitting for over a day or two.

Calling in the professionals is the right step towards fixing water damage properly and preventing mold growth. You do not have to worry about interviewing water damage restoration Jacksonville FL companies one by one to find the right one for you. We have already vetted the top companies to bring you a list of companies you can depend on near you.